There are some things I can help you with:

Premarital Education
You are still dating/courting and thinking about getting married. Or you have already set the date and started planning your wedding but want to begin your marriage off on the right start.  You have come to the right place!

Premarital education is very important because it prepares the couple for their new life together after the wedding day.  We explore topics such as communication, conflict management, sex, roles & responsibilities, money management, etc.

Post Marital Checkup

This involves checking up on, and following up with the newlyweds.  This is to ensure that if any challenge arise in living together as man and wife, it is quickly sorted out.  Check up is usually done periodically to keep the door open so that newlyweds can feel comfortable if at anytime they have any questions or concerns that need addressing.

Marriage Counseling

Marriage counseling is two-fold, in that, couples experience different seasons in their marital relationship.  At times, there is laughter and love, other times there is pain and conflict, and it seems as though nothing is working, nothing is happening and spouses are unable to figure things out for themselves and need intervention.

Also, there are couples who have a good marriage but have become bored with routine and maintenance and would like to explore ways of moving their marital relationship with their spouse to the next level.

The key to success in marriage counseling - both couples must want change, and must be willing to work together to achieve mutually agreed upon results.

Individuals in Relationship

Relationships today are not without its challenges. Some individuals in their dating/courtship with their boyfriend or girlfriend are able to deal with, and overcome the issues they face in the relationship, while some are unable to. Some of these issues can be broken trust, an affair, lack of communication, traumatic past and/or current experience that prevent the affected individual from moving forward.

Counseling can help to address these concerns and more.  It is a fantastic way to improve and strengthen the relationship if couples intend to go to the next level.

When working with couples and individuals in relationship, a comfortable, safe and supportive environment is provided. Also a personalized approach is tailored to meet each of my clients individual and relationship needs so that their desired results can be achieved.

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